Saturday, June 8, 2013

Texture Magic

I bought this product, Texture Magic, a few years ago at a quilt show.  It seemed like a good idea at the time even though it was a bit pricey. You pin it to the back of your fabric,with or without batting, stitch, then steam from the back and it pulls up and give you texture, lots of it. It has been languishing on my pegboard and this project seemed like the perfect time to use it.


Here is my design drawn on the back with a layer of cotton batting between the magic and the silk Dupioni. You sew from the back.


This is how it looked from the front before steaming.  I used pink thread in the bobbin.

And this is what it looks like after steaming.  It shrinks by 30%.  I was so disappointed with the look.  It just looks like a bunch of puckers and you can't see the design at all.


So I tried the same design without batting.  I still don't like it at all.


This is just plain FM quilting with Hobb's wool batting. I like this so much better,  I will not use this design on the quilt, but will be using red silk again, although a different shade.  What I like about the wool is that it gives a lot of depth.  Whatever you don't quilt down really puffs up, almost as if you had used trapunto.  I have some designs in mind that should work well.

I haven't completely given up on Trapunto Magic, I just won't use it on this project.  I think it might work well in a purse.


Cindy Green said...

Well, live and learn, right? Your other stitching textures definitely look more successful, but the Texture Magic may come in handy for another application...

Linda M said...

I have some of that stuff too! Got it at a quilt show several years ago and have never used it.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. The results of that product are rather surprising. Lucky you did a sample. Thanks for showing some of the Quilt National pieces--really fabulous. Looking forward to seeing your red silk piece finished. What color to work with and your textures are beautiful.
best, nadia

Annie Unrein said...

Norma: I have used Texture Magic on lots of projects and also taught many classes on the product. I've had some terrific results with Texture magic, though I always recommend that a person do a small test first to make sure that they are getting the effect they want -- just as you did. I have found that simpler designs give the best (and easiest) results and that more complex designs don't always turn out like we expect. Wool batting added between the layers really helps to make the design stand out more. For instance, check out the image here:
I especially like the rocks. The wool batting made all the difference in something that looked wrinkly and something that looked like stones. Keep at it. It will be perfect for another project.

norma said...

Thanks, Annie. The photos of your results look fabulous! I will try it again with wool batting.

Sarah said...

I think you're right used on a different project Im sure it will add interest. a purse would be ideal.

Tish Chacon said...

To get more of a detailed look you need to do lots of stitching where you want it to lay flatter. I have done many different things with the TM. I think its GREAT!!!!