Wednesday, June 5, 2013

French Knots

I'm still working on the silk piece.  I tried stitching those circles I talked about in the last post, but they looked terrible.  Not sure why, maybe it was the silk, so I decided to try French Knots running along the outside row of each double-needle section.  I had some rayon embroidery thread that I loved for it's silky sheen, but it is nearly impossible to work with.  I wanted to make the knots big, so I was using six strands of floss and then I just couldn't pull it through the fabric.  I tried splitting the thread into three strands and doubling it, but trying to separate the strand was a nightmare.  Tangle, tangle, snarl, snarl.  So I switched to cotton.


I also tried different colors, knowing that the red wouldn't show up that much against the red silk. I tried black, purple, orange and turquoise, thinking that I might use those colors elsewhere in the quilt, but none of them looked right and I stuck with the red.

 I took this picture with my iPhone and the color came out very purple.  I tried adjusting it in Photoshop Elements, but every time I went to resize it, the color correction would disappear and go back to the purple. I finally fiddled with the color in iPhoto before taking it into Elements.  I recently bought the latest version of Photoshop Elements and I'm having so much trouble with it.  My old version 4 was so much easier to use, but this new laptop won't support it.  I have signed up for the  One on One lessons with Mac and they are terrific and a fabulous bargain, but they only work with their products and Photoshop is not one of them.  I have to look for a Photoshop teacher.

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Linda M said...

I get so frustrated when my camera doesn't get the colors right, and my photoshop elements skills are very poor. I need a class also. I love the twin needle stitching, I used to do it on wearable art pieces but haven't done any in years. I may have to do it again.