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Two birds with one stone

Last weekend a few of my FiberWorks group took the trip to Bridgeport, CT to The Nest to see two shows. The first I will show is the Skyline exhibit in which our FANE group was challenged to make a building that was no wider that 16" and no longer than 60". We had quite an array and I will only show you a few. The quilts were hung on both sides and the end of this hallway.

Be sure to click on any picture to see a closer view of all.

Looking down the wall with mine, the blue one, near the end.

Nike Cutsumpas's, Tinsel Tower. Hard to tell from the photo, but it has a lots of glitz and beads.

Cindy Green, who works in a library, used parts of old books for her piece, The Golden Door. It was all made of paper.

Barbara Drillick's piece, Five Rooms With a Viewused different types of window screening. It had wonderful perspective and it looked as if you were at ground level, looking up. Being a sheer piece, I thought that the brick wall it was hung on interfered with the piece, but it still looked great.

This is mine, Midnight City. Instead of doing the tedious piecing that I usually do, I fused this one, but I'm not sure if it was any less tedious.

The other show at The Nest was a juried show, SPUN. It was held in The Nest's gallery. Again I'm only showing a very few.

Bear Fruit by John Paradiso. This was a 10 inch square and the stitches were amazingly small. Details below. Go here to see more of his work.

Anasazi Roadways by Kathie Kerler. I think it was a whole cloth that was then painted or printed and then beautifully machine and hand stitched, as seen below.

                                            Detail. I've always loved this color combination.

A fun 3-D piece by Sooo-z Mastropietro, whose work seems to be in every show I go to lately.

I'm so sorry that I didn't get the name of this artist. It had an incredible amount of machine stitching and then hand stitching on top.

Both shows will be at The Nest, which is a factory that has been turned into artist's studios. There was an amazing amount of art hung in all the hallways. The day that we were there was also Open Studio and I always like to see how artists work.

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Friday, September 9, 2016


I've never entered a SAQA exhibit. I see the calls for entry and somehow they don't speak to me, but my goal was to enter at least one this year. I decided on H2O (my computer doesn't know how to print it like the element sign, but I think you know that I mean "water".)

My son lives in Portland, OR and is an avid hiker and amateur photographer. He is always sending me the most luscious nature photos, so I asked him to send me some pictures of water falls. I loved what he sent and my original thought was to pair them with my blue and white shibori.

Aren't these gorgeous? 

 And aren't these gorgeous? But I'm sure you can see that they don't fit with the photos.

When I looked at the photos again, all I could think of was the word, "lush", so I went through my big collection of striated batiks and thought that maybe I could use these.

Pretty and watery looking , but still not quite right, so I kept digging......

and found these. Ah, these are the same yummy, verdant greens that surround the waterfalls and the browns and  golds suggest the forrest where they exist.

Soooooo, I took six of his photos and took them into Photoshop Elements and put the Posterize filter on them and printed them onto plain white fabric, backed them with batting and quilted them the way I did my Garden Studies.

Then I pieced them with that brown and green striated batik.

I pieced them in this vertical orientation to keep up the water falling theme. I am going to free -motion quilt the stripes and probably quilt some leaves in here and there. It's not very big, only about 18" x 40". My working title is: Waters Falling in the Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland is where these pictures were taken.

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SAQA Benefit Quilt

Mellow Yellow

This is my quilt for the annual SAQA Benefit Auction held every September. You can read all about it  and how the bidding works here. All quilts are twelve inches square and there are some fabulous pieces available. General bidding starts on September 16. The quilts were broken down into three groups and my quilt is in Group 3, which starts bidding on Oct. 3 to Oct. 9.

I quite like this color palette and am thinking of making a much bigger quilt using the same palette. Now I have to order some more Dupioni silks in yellow. The rest will be my hand-dyed.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Arizona Sunsets

You have seen this quilt top before that I made quite awhile ago, but I finally got it quilted and bound. I was waiting for the dealer to come to my house and straighten out the problems I was having with my Sweet Sixteen. My problems are mostly resolved and when it's working properly it is a dream. I can just quilt away in a zen-like state, enjoying all that extra room between the needle and the machine. But it is still somewhat temperamental and still doesn't like the Rainbow Superior that I like to use. Superior has come out with a new thread that is supposed to be better, but with the same variegated feature I like. I will have to give it a try.

 It measures 44inches square and it's all made from one striated batik fabric. 

I quilted it very simply , just following the striations in the fabric and quilting pebbles in the circles.

For the back I pieced together some ice-dyed fabrics that I thought coordinated with the front.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Artsy Craftsy

To go along with the skyline pieces that will be hung at The Nest, Jane (our fearless leader) made some wooden structures that she gave us to enhance. The two that I took were about 12 inches high and about 3 1/2 inches on each side. We could do anything we wanted, but we are not to put windows and doors and they are not to look like birdhouses.
For my first one I cut out as many phrases from magazines and catalogs that had anything to do with a house or home. First I painted each side of the cube a different bright color, then I attached the paper with high gloss acrylic medium.

It was fun to do and I could do it while watching Olympics. So I decided to do another one.

This time I went back to buttons, having had a good time with them before, as you can see here and here, and here and here. I painted the whole thing black and then I spiraled around each side with the same color, using good old Eileen's Tacky Glue.

Not exactly art, but a pleasant way to pass the Olympic watching time. It should be an interesting exhibit, knowing how this group comes up with such fabulous ideas. I will post pictures of the exhibit which is in October.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Back Story

Last week I promised to show you the back of my newspaper quilt. I finished all the quilting this week and did what I call corduroy quilting, in which you do straight line quilting back and forth across the quilt about a quarter of an inch apart. This quilt was a pain in the a** to piece, so why should the quilting be any different. I find this to be very tedious (have you heard me use that word before?). Altho you are using a walking foot, which is easy, you have to pivot at the end of each row and turn the quilt around and go back the other way. Some people do very large quilts this way, but I found it difficult to shove that quilt thru the space between the needle and the machine. Free motion quilting is so much easier for me, but I didn't think it would look good on this quilt.

A close-up of the quilting.

Lat week I told you that I had a false start with this quilt and this is it. I thought it was too jarring with those pieced lines inserted, but I did use it as the centerpiece of the back.

And here is the back with that thwarted attempt smack in the middle with some newspaper banners that I didn't use. I went to JoAnn's with my quilt to find some black and white fabric to use on the back and none of them looked right because the quilt really reads as gray, not black and white. I was thrilled to find this print in various shades of gray. To me it looks like script. Some people don't care what they put on their quilt backs, but I do. I usually use a hand-dyed fabric that coordinates with the front and will even dye a piece specifically for that purpose if necessary.

 A close-up of that very cool fabric. 

The finished quilt with binding attached, good handwork while watching the Olympics. Again, I apologize for the photography which makes this look like it's not squared off. Trust me, it is squared!

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