Thursday, May 6, 2021

Daily Stitching and Monthly Challenge

 I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here or learn a plethora of new stitches. I have learned some new ones and will continue to do so, but some do not adapt to a three inch circle. I do, however, want to make a pleasing design in each circle. So, I discovered snowflakes, an unending supply of composition. It's seems funny to think about snowflakes when all the world outside my window is that marvelous Spring lime green of new growth. It astounds me every year.

  Now to my fabric book and my page for April. My theme here is circles. I used yo-yos, sections of a vintage crocheted doily that I hand-dyed, a section of commercial lace trim, and buttons. That navy blue circle is cotton velveteen. a little hard to sew through all those layers. I edged the page with lace as I have with all the pages. Now I have to come up with a plan for the facing page on the right.

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Daily Stitching and Home Again

 I did it again. I found something I loved on Pinterest and used it as inspiration for several variations. The video was not in English so I don't know what stitch she used but after close examination I could see that it is a form of buttonhole stitch.

Here you can see that it is basically three buttonhole stitches going to a point, each group going in opposite directions. I just added French Knots to this one.

I added some blooms.

French knots to look like grapes

Added some Lazy Daisies to look like flowers.

On this one and the next, I added one more Buttonhole stitch to each grouping and some Lazy daisies. I think they look like butterflies. 

              Same as the last one, but with some French knots thrown in for good measure. 

I arrived home yesterday from my winter stay in Florida. I was afraid that I would miss the flowering tress and I did miss most of them. Every house in my community has a flowering tree in the front yard, a lot of Bradford Pears, which I have and they are past their bloom. However, the flowering crab apples are in full glorious bloom and they surely make me smile. 

I loved my time in Florida. The weather was fabulous and I got in a lot of exercising. I walked for an hour every morning and most days I did pool noodle laps in the pool. We ate outside every night on the lanai, something we won't be doing here for awhile. But it's always good to get home. I'll be doing some spring planting soon and I love being in my studio again.

I was diligent with my daily stitching and made a total of 58 squares for a total of 110 finished. I plan to carry on.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Daily Stitching and More Rock Critters

I liked this easy lazy daisy circle and did it several times.

Here I elongated the daisies and did one in the center.

       I used a variegated Perle cotton , but it didn't change colors as often as I would have liked.

       On this and the next two I filled in the lazy daisy with a contrasting thread and gave it some buds.

               I timed myself on this one and it took two hours, altho I broke it up into two sittings.

Another with interlocking open circles, using that Wheat Ear that I liked so much last week.

Now on to the critters. We all sat at my kitchen island and had a painting session, Fun!

                                                             Ruthie's turtle in blue.

Claire's flirtatious frog.

                                               My turtle with its head and feet tucked in.

                                                 I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Daily stitching and more rock art

 I had a pretty productive week, managing to do a square a day and work on my fabric book. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and learned a couple of new-to-me stitches. I found a person that I really like on Youtube, Mary Corbett. Her instructions are excellent and she walks you thru the stitch step by step.

These first three were inspired by Pinterest..

I liked the little tridents around the edge, so I did it again.

New-to-me stitch, Herringbone. Trouble with spacing, as usual.

Double Herringbone. Interesting because there is weaving involved, but not good to do in a small circle. I tried several times and gave up and deemed as a stitch that is better in a straight line.

More Double Herringbone. This reminded me of the Polly Flinders smocked dresses from days of yore.

 Another new stitch for me, Wheat Ear. I liked its simplicity and how easily it went around the circle, even small ones. 

I still enjoy seeing the rock art as I take my morning walks. I don't know who does them, but they seem to be in the same style, using bright colors and lots of dots. I thought that this new alligator was very cute. Check out the detail on his face. Hard to see, but there is a tongue sticking out. 

We noticed that there were no turtles, so Ruthie and Claire decided to do one. Isn't he cute? We have searched for good rocks, not always easy to find the right size. They have another one planned and I'll show it next week.

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Daily Stitching and Blue Flowers

 Although I did stitch every day, I only got four squares done. Some took longer than others and I was also stitching on my fabric book. If I find a stitch I really like I repeat it in different colors and sizes.

I found this cute flower-like design on Pinterest.She had done it much smaller with a small center that she filled in with French knots. I did a grid in my much larger centers.

First you go around the circle with small vertical stitches.

Then you loop thru all those stitches with six strands of embroider floss. Then go around the circle a second time. Ignore double blue lines in the center. I was trying to get that inner circle centered.


A little asymmetry with variegated floss. I only used three strands and went around three times to get the colors to blend. 

It's hard to find true blue flowers and I am loving these Plumbago shrubs. They only grow in Zone 9.5 and up, so no good in my CT home, which is Zone 6.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Daily Stitching and Blueberries

 I was able to keep up with my stitching this week and even learned some new stitches. The first two I found on Youtube and although the woman had some lovely stitches, she did not speak or name the stitches. Perhaps you will recognize them.

This was the first stitch. It was a little tricky to learn, but easy as I got on with it. As always I have trouble with spacing.

The same stitch doing it closer together. 

This was the second stitch. I really liked it and found it much easier to deal with the spacing so I did it three times. Here with size 5 Perle cotton.


                         Six strands of variegated embroidery floss. Maybe my favorite of the week.

Size 8 Perle cotton.

I found this on Pinterest. First you make a buttonhole stitch with the rays pointing out (size 8 Perle cotton) and then you do a buttonhole stitch over the base of the the first stitch (6 strands of floss), not going thru the fabric. Finish off with French knots. I think it looks like crochet. She called it Inside-Out Buttonhole Ray Flowers.

I wanted to do something special for Easter. That stitch I liked so much going two ways and some straight stitch, stem stitch and French knots.

I finished up the double page I showed last week. I wanted to break up all that blue, so I added the red. I may add another color on the next page, but I won't do another double. I just takes too long and cuts into my daily stitching time. Click in this for a bigger view.

I love blueberres and eat them every day. I have never seen blueberries this large, as big as Concord grapes. They are just as sweet as they are big. We can only get them at one small supermarket. 

Next to a quarter. Bigger than! I cut them half to put them in my oatmeal.

I wish you a Happy Easter!

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