Saturday, December 4, 2021

All Through the House and a Little Stitching

 Stitching took a back seat this past week because I was busy decorating. If you read my blog, you will know that I love to gussy up the house for the holidays. I did a few things different than last year and some the same. Here a a few pictures.

My Santa tree that I do every year in the family room. I started this tradition many years ago and for several years it was just a four foot tree that went on a table. For the past few years it has been this 7 1/2 foot tree. It is pre-lit, but this year it would only blink white lights, enough to give you a migraine, so I had to put 6 strings of 100 lights on it. (swear word, swear word). Most of the ornaments are glass Santas, but I had a lot that I wasn't using, mostly smaller wooden, cloth, etc, from that 4 foot tree so I put them in a shopping bag and took them to Savers. Hopefully someone else will find joy in them on their tree. I do love my Santa tree.

Mantle in the family room with one of my Christmas quilts made many years ago. It is machine pieced and hand quilted with gold metallic thread.

This is where the changes begin. I used to put a tall slim tree in the living room with silver, white and gold ornaments,  but last year because the pre-lit lights were not working AGAIN I threw the tree away and decided to go for something simpler. This is a twig tree with mini LED lights. From my vast collection of ornaments I put on the former tree, I chose only silver birds with real feather tails. I love the look and it takes up less room and doesn't fight with my big Paula Nadlestern ornaments on the coffee table. More about those later on.

                                                     At the base the tree.

The large ornaments made using Paula Nadlestern fabric and lots and lots of sequins and beads. They took forever to do, but I really enjoyed making  them. One of the reasons that I put the simpler tree up was that I wanted these ornaments to be the star in the room. I wound some mini LED lights around the base of the containers for some added sparkle.

These five crystal angels used to go on the dining room table, but this year they are on the small hall table, again with the tiny LED lights.

Some of my Santa collection on the bakers rack. The bottom shelf will be used for wine glasses when I entertain.

These mercury glass trees used to go on the coffee table in the LR, but now are on the side table in the DR. More of those LED lights around the bases.

                            Dining Room table with red ornaments hung on the chandelier.


I did do a little stitching.  I mentioned last week that a friend had given me a Dover book of Japanese designs. Many of them are circular and are perfect for my squares. Some are quite delicate and I switched from size 8 Perle cotton to two strands of floss. 

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Friday, November 26, 2021


 Thanksgiving at my niece, Lauren's, again after missing it last year. As always her table was exquisite with all fresh flowers and some wooden accents. She never repeats from year to year. Dinner was delish as usual and she had a signature drink, Pumpkin Spice martinis with gingerbread man peeps.

All the ladies enjoying their drinks. They were sooooo good. 

My Christmas trees are going up tomorrow so I had to make a tree for my little squares. I could be finished with this project with just one more square, BUT my good friend , Paula, gifted me with a wonderful book of Japanese designs by Dover. There are so many that are circular and very adaptable for my squares. I will have to do one more vertical row and that means 13 more. I'm pretty sure that is what I will do. I'll post some next week.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Weekly Stitching

 I know that it's been awhile since I posted. Firstly I spent two weeks in Florida and only got a little bit done. Secondly My iPad, where I take my photos, was not transferring them to Photos on my laptop. After about two hours online with an Apple tech it is still not right. I had to send myself the photos and drag them onto my desktop to use them here.

Only four finished. I am busy doing other things, which I will show you later.

One last Sunday Morning sun

I've long had an affinity for Ginkgoes and have used them in several of my art quilts so I had to do one on a square.

I thought it would take a nice design if I had four leaves facing out. I like the single leaf better.

                                                              Yet I did it again.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Sunday Morning Suns

 While making ALL these circle designs on 4 inch squares, I don't know why I didn't think of the designs I made for CBS Sunday Morning. Two of the stencils had what looked like rays around the circle, so I made squares with different variations of a sun.

Favorite of the week, not sure why. Maybe it's because he looks so happy.

Then I made anther negative space circle with variegated Rose' to Merlot thread. I left a quarter inch border to allow for the seaming.

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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Weekly Stitching

 Just four this week because one if them took forever.

This is the one that I got extra credit for. I know it's not a circle, but my challenge, my rules to be broken. I just couldn't resist doing a heart.

One of those cute stencils and how I adapted it for stitching.

I did not want to go all around those big ovals with a stem stitch, so I made a big lazy daisy stitch and then a smaller one inside. I turned the inner design into straight lines and French Knots.

That's it for this week. Maybe, MAYBE, I'll be more productive next week.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Watercolor Cards

 Six little squares this week, all using those fabulous stencils.

I concentrated on small watercolors this week, 4" x 6", the perfect size for mounting onto a card front. I found some terrific blank greeting cards in Michaels, sets of all different colors.

I enjoyed making these. A pen and ink drawing of leaves, then added watercolor squares and splatters. I  think they are also good for masculine cards. You don't always want flowers.

This is a mini version of a CeeCee design I did last week. I am going to try to duplicate it, but that doesn't always work.

These last two are my own designs, but using the CeeCee techniques. Again I'm not showing you the flops or the ones I threw away. I am putting away my paints for awhile for various reasons. I will explain that in another post.

Linking up with Off the Wall Friday. In addition to seeing some great art, Nina Marie always has some interesting posts. This week she is talking about how fabrics are printed. Something of which I never gave much thought.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Watercolors

 I really got my mileage out of this stencil The first pix shows it using the stencil just the way it is and the next five are either additions or subtractions or both. I  had fun with this one. But then I aways have fun.

This is my favorite of the week, but it is my second attempt.   The first one was very muddy. So much to learn. This is 6" x 9".

It took four attempts to get this little guy right. It is 4.5" x 6" and the perfect size for a card. I am sending it to a dear friend who is suffering from dementia, early stages, and loves to get cards in the mail. I send her about one a month (all handmade) and her hubby says she loves them.

This also 4.5 x 6 and will also go on a card. 

So onward and upward, I hope. I will try to get some more painting done this weekend. And always, always stitching.

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