Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ice Dyeing, Garments

In my ice dyeing that I've done over the past few days I did a few garments, too.  None of them turned out exactly as I thought, but some of them are not too bad.

This was an old linen blouse that I was ready to give away.  It's very boxy and not really my style, but I thought I could wear it as a jacket , open over a tank. I wish it didn't have that orange splotch on the left sleeve, but some of that color is on the back, too.

This was a white silk charmeuse scarf and I rather like the results. This was in the same batch as the linen shirt above. I did another pale green Thai silk that was quite ugly.

This was a cheap white T-shirt that I had purchased to do some surface design.  I never did, so I dyed it instead.  I do not like this neckline.  Maybe I'll cut it off and try to do something with it.  I did another one that I didn't like at all. They will make good gardening, dyeing, painting shirts.

This was a new pale pink shirt that I purchased at Good Will just for this purpose.  I don't know if it's too hippy-dippy for me.  I'm teaching a dyeing workshop this summer. Perhaps I'll wear it then.


Linda M said...

I just did some ice dyeing yesterday, my fabrics are in the rinse water right now. I use leftover dye stock instead of powder.

Sarah said...

Looks like fun. I've never heard of ice dying, o was interesting to read about it!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. Well, the hippy-dippy one is the coolest! Love your dying experiments in the previous post. What results! I'm almost tempted to try...almost.
best, nadia

Gumbeau said...

I like the hippy dippy one best!

Lynda said...

I loved seeing your ice dyeing results. You know if you don't like it you can ice dye or other dye over it!