Friday, June 21, 2013


I recently went on a tour of the gardens of Eileen Plimpton, who writes a column for our local paper, the News Times.  It was a lovely day after a lot of rain and it was good to be outside enjoying her beautiful grounds. There were not a lot of flowers blooming yet but she had an impressive collection of Hosta plants.  They ranged in size from tiny to huge and in color from pale yellow-green to deep blue-green and everything between.
If you follow my blog, you know that i've often worked in many shades of green and I've even made three cabbage quilts, but I've never done Hostas. I'll leave that to Elaine Quehl, who specializes in them.  I am the proud owner of one of her quilts, having purchased it in the SAQA auction a couple of years ago.

This one and the next were tiny.

This was the biggest one. A man volunteered to put his hand there to give a sense of scale.

Another biggie, I think.

Another itty bitty

Isn't it amazing how many shades of green there are in nature?

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Sue said...

Ahhh, my very favorite green thing. The variety is just so amazing and you've captured them perfectly.