Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I was rather taken aback when I went to Home Goods yesterday and saw this print for sale. Does it remind you of my work? I have done several quilts in this series and you can see more on the Geometrics page on my blog.

Detail of larger quilt

Salsa City, full size

Detail of Sunrise City

Detail of Twilight City

Sooooo, what do you think? I know that there is nothing new under the sun, but............

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


I told you I had two openings last weekend in which I had work. Here is the first of them. FANE, one of the groups of which I am a member, puts on a show every year. The theme this year was the alphabet and members were assigned letters. Some of us (me included, did two).

All of the quilts are 16" x 20" and perfectly squared up. Anything looking otherwise is because of my photography. Sorry!

We also each made a coloring book page to go with our quilts but the books were not finished by the time of the show. Hopefully I can show you them later.

A is for Antelope by Christine Wilhelm

B is for Buttons by Norma Schlager

C is for Collage by Gloria Michaelis

Di is for Doodle Wilma Sanchez

E is for Everything by Nancy Mirman

F is for Feather by Barbara Drillick

G si for Garden by Cindy Green

H is for Hills by Linda Stern

I is for Iris by Claire Oehler

J is for Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Barbara Sferra

K is for Kaleidoscope by Maria V. Calderon-Weinstein

L is for Lily Pads by Cindy Green

M is for Music by Gail Ellsperman

N is for Nest by Jane Davila

O is for Octopus by Jane Davila

P is for Penguin by Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Q is for Quilt by Gail Ellsperman

R is for Rose by Norma Schlager

S is for Scripture by Judy Gighese

T is for Tea time on the Train by Tamar Drucker

U is for Unicorn by Joyce Sullivan

V is for Vanity by Raina Lynn

W is for Witches by Nike Cutsumpas 

X is for X-ray by Carole Hoffman

Y is for Yoho Head, Maine by Nancy Mirman

Z is for Zipper by Maria V. Calderon-Weinstein

It is a fun show to see and will be up until November 28 at the Mahopac, NY Public Library.

In case you are wondering, my second cataract surgery was a success. I had blurry vision and a fair amount of pain the first day, but by the next day that was gone and now I have great vision in that eye. Much better that the eye that was done three years ago. Everything looks so clear and crisp.

I'm sorry to say that I did not take pictures at the second opening last weekend, at the FairHaven Furniture Store in New Haven, CT. It was just so crowded and I was so busy viewing and schmoozing. It was a Surface Design show put on by the local CT chapter. It is an amazing show with huge diversity. It is treat for the eyes and will be up until January. My happy news is that one of my pieces sold. Sure like to see those red dots!.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Farewell to Vietnam and Cambodia

The huge attractions in Cambodia are the ancient temples, Angkor Watt, Angkor Thom, and Banteay Srie. I took so many pictures. Here are just a few.

At Angkor Thom Strangler Figs and Banyon trees have overgrown around the buildings.

At Banteay Srei Temple the buildings were made of pink sandstone with intricate carvings. If you click on the picture you will get a much bigger view.

These beautiful carvings, many feet long, all told a story.

The huge moat around Angkor Whom was dug entirely by hand.

A toast with a lemongrass martini to a fabulous trip. 

Come back and I will tell you about two great fiber art shows.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


After all of our fighting, Vietnam is a Communist country and Ho Chi Min is still much revered. I was surprised to see such a large parade ground surrounded by government buildings and Ho Chi Min's tomb. While we were nonplussed by the huge amounts of trash and litter in all of Vietnam and Cambodia, Hanoi was just the opposite. The parks were well groomed and the streets were clean.

These beautiful marigold yellow buildings were built by the French when they were in power. This color was considered a symbol of power, so they were kept that way. President Trump will be there on November 11, Veteran's Day (how fitting). We told them keep him and not send him back. Where else could he find a building to match his hair?

I am having cataract surgery tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure if I will be blogging for the next couple of days. I had one eye done three years ago and it was not very successful. I had a terrible sensitivity to light and a strange flickering in my eye. They never could find a reason and everything checked out OK. It gradually (very gradually) got better and now it's time to do the other. So wish me luck. I need my eyes.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Children are adorable all over the world and this was no exception. Here are just a few.

This little charmer was outside a temple we were visiting. Around the corner was her older sister selling postcards or books. The children would descend on you as soon as you got off the bus and follow you relentlessly trying to make a sale. We were encouraged not to buy from them because the government wants them to be in school. If you asked them why they were not in school they would say they were on vacation or they only went a half day. But they were hard to resist.

The shoes? We had to take them off when we went into temples.

This cutie-pie was at the complex that we visited that made wine and other things out of rice. Her mother had
told her to stay on that chair and although she wriggled and squirmed, she stayed put.

The child doing the beating on this loom is helping her mother with weaving floor mats. She was ten years old and again, was "on vacation".

We visited an NGO where they had a rudimentary classroom. How cute are these kids?!

Ignore the really horrible picture of me, but this is at that same NGO. The children just grabbed our hands as we walked around. They didn't speak much English. I wished that we had had some gifts to give them, but we were not forewarned.

These children were at a museum we visited. They appeared to be of nursery schools age and were so full of energy. There were several groups there, all distinguished by their uniforms, which seemed to be shirts, jumpers, or jackets that they could put on over their own clothes.

She was relaxing in a hammock in her home. We visited a farm and were able to go into the house. Hammocks are very common in this hot climate, a cool way to take a break.

Please come back for more, I'm not done yet!