Monday, November 17, 2014

New Small Piece

This is one of the small pieces that I said I had to make before getting on to my next big quilt. It only measures 10" x 14", but was quite a lot of work. mainly because I started two others that didn't work out for one reason or another.  This will be for a FANE exhibit in the spring and it will be hung inside, but not touching a navy blue ornate frame. Hard to explain, but when it's closer to the show, I'll show it again.

The color is a little off and it is not darker at the bottom, as it looks here.  The color is actually screaming yellow and very bright turquoise.  It is not shy. 

I wanted to get smaller sections, but no matter where I put my ruler to slice, I would run into an intersections, not a good place to piece, so I decided to take advantage of those somewhat larger areas and do some fancy free-motion quilting.  

I  have done this kind of skinny piecing before, but Kathy Loomis has perfected it and I have followed some of her directions on her blog. She makes enormous quilts using this method, but small is fine with me. It is a lot of fun, just the sort of tedious, yet satisfying, piecing that I love to do. 


Quilt Inspiration said...

Wow - I like it very much - that is an eye dazzler! We'll bet that a lot of work went into this; the piecing and quilting look perfect. Looking forward to seeing the framing you mentioned.

Hilary Florence said...

wow Norma, i was quite surprised when I saw this - it seems quite different to your other pieces. I love the quilting in the spaces and the colours certainly do zing. It should look great in that frame.