Saturday, November 8, 2014

Houston, Part 3

I had a productive two days in the studio for a change and I finished the six small pieces that I have to deliver on Monday (more on that at another time), so I have time to show you just a few more quilts that caught my fancy.

Conflagration, Desolation, Rejuvenation and Jubilation by Vickie Conley depicted the different stages of a huge forest fire in her area.

Striped Storm by Gabriel Paquin had a wonderful use of striped fabric.

Canola Fields by Leah Gravells used 3/4 inch strips of 199 batik fabrics in a quilt-as-you-go technique with quarter inch seams.  It gave the appearance of cording. Stunning!

Eloise Joins the Circus by Janet Fogg won a first in Whimsical.  Detail below.

Her incredible quilting made the elephant skin look so real.

What's not to love about this cheery quilt, Umbrellas in the City, by Terri Krysan? It certainly brought a smile to my face.

After we took a picture of Masako Sakagami with her blue ribbon winner Fuji and Sakura, she insisted that her friend take a picture of her with my sister and me.  She spoke not a word of English and yet in pantomime explained one of her techniques.  We all speak quilting!

Well, that's it folks for this year.  I wish I could show you all the quilts that I loved, but that would take forever.  Suffice it to say that Houston lived up to its sparking reputation for being a world class show and I'm already looking forward to going next year. Hopefully I'll have something in the show, too.


Sarah said...

Fabulous quilts, thank you for sharing!

LA Paylor said...

great pictures Norma. I liked several of these and missed several so I'm glad you saw them!! Always amazing that in four days I don't see it all. I loved the elephant and that cherry blossom quilt!!! LeeAnna

Shannon said...

That striped storm quilt really jumped out at me too- something about the colors and the geometric piecing going so well with the striped fabrics was really awesome. And, so glad you liked the fire quilt! That's actually my mom's! That fire was pretty scary- I'm so grateful my folks didn't lose their home.