Thursday, August 28, 2014

Road Trip

Occasionally my Friday group, FiberWorks, will take a road trip to see a nearby exhibit, especially if it involves fiber art.  Last Friday instead of our usual meeting we car-pooled to see the exhibit at  The Hudson River Museum to see the work of Mandy Greer.  Her work was so unusual and interesting and very hard to describe.  I quote this from a press release "The Ecstatic Moment is a multi-part immersive installation of fiber-based sculpture and costumes, photography, film and performance that encompasses the entire bottom floor of the museum.  It meanders through six different realms of colored walls and wallpaper, as well as sweeping up into their 24-foot high atrium."   If you go to the first link you will get a thorough explanation by the artist herself about most of the works in the exhibit.  I did take quite a few photos and I will share some of them with you here.

 A picture of myself in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs, draped in the type of crocheted, knitted, woven, knotted, recycled materials used throughout out the exhibit.

A pretty good shot of the whole center room with cascading material.

The center exhibit in the red room.
The wings of the piece shown in the above picture. Note the elaborate stitching on the wings.

One of the many draped female figures.

This was quite large, hanging from the ceiling and encrusted with beads, trinkets, stones and shells.

I loved this lady in blue.

This blue drapey sculpture started at the top floor, wound itself over two stairways and up to the 24 foot ceiling.  It must have weighed a ton!

We went to Wave Hill first, since it was quite close to the Museum.  It is a former estate on the Hudson River with magnificent gardens and is open to the public.  We spent a couple of hours there walking around.  I took lot of pictures, but you can see better ones on their website.  The above picture was taken in one of the reflecting pool water gardens.  I thought that it looked so much like a mosaic. We had a lovely lunch on the terrace of the cafe, located in the former mansion.

It was day full of mental and visual stimulation.

I couldn't get this picture to go where I wanted it to go.  So often Blogger has a mind of its own.  But this is a detail of one of the works and you can see all the different materials she used and some of the techniques.

This is one time where you really should click on a picture to get a larger view of all.

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