Monday, August 25, 2014


Did you know that a group of zebras is called a Dazzle?  Well, neither did I, but Paula Klingerman did and made this fabulous quilt called "A Dazzle of Zebras".  She used several photos of zebras that she had taken on her many trips to Africa and composed this whimsical piece.  She plans to use it to raise money for breast cancer, but hasn't decided on the venue.

It was a huge hit at Show and Tell at a regional SAQA meeting this past weekend. I just love all the little touches like the pink eyelashes and tips of their manes.  The fascinator hat on the zebra in front has a netting veil.


Sue said...

Stunning….interesting background color but it works.

Diane Wright said...

I SO agree with you, Norma. Her zebras were dazzling, indeed. And for a great cause. I thought the meeting was so energizing.

Quilt Inspiration said...

How adorable is Dazzling ! Those zebras are just the cutest ever. Very clever and innovative way to bring attention to a very worthy cause. We love the zebras and their very fashionable accessories.

Happy quilting, from Marina and Daryl