Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Canadian Rockies, Part 4

As we traveled north we saw more and more snow and glacier topped mountains.

One of the highlights of the trip was the ice bus ride onto the Columbia Ice Field.

We rode on this specially made bus with huge tires that had a low air pressure.  The driver ensured us that these rides and walks did not endanger the glaciers or encourage a faster melt.  They are melting at an alarming rate, so who knows if it is is true.

We were allowed to get out and walk around for about ten minutes.  It was quite soft and slushy.

We had this adorable bus driver and guide for two days.  He had an accent that we couldn't define and when we asked he said that he was born in Poland, but had lived all over the world.  He was so knowledgeable about everything we saw and very entertaining.  What you can't see in this picture is that his very fine blonde hair was gelled into spikes all over  his head, very incongruous with his angelic looking face.  After this run he was going to Belize to teach scuba diving.

Not sure where this totem pole was, possibly downtown Jasper, but I thought it was worth photographing.  I loved the colors.  It was probably quite new to have the colors be so vivid.

We learned that the reason for the aqua blue water was the glacial "flour" in the water that would reflect the sky.  

The scenery was breathtaking everywhere we went and I have lost track of what was where, but it was all spectacular. Remember that all pictures are clickable for a larger view.

Come back tomorrow and I will wrap this up with Lake Louise and Banff.

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Sue said...

Just catching up ! This is our next destination altho we have been to Vancouver and Victoria and Buchart Gardens. Beautiful pictures. I look forward to the next installment as Banff is one of our very favorite places.