Friday, August 30, 2013

Copper Shibori Finshed

I actually finished this last week but thought I would wait until today to show it so that it could be part of "Off the Wall Friday".  Go on over and see what creative things others are doing.

Here is it is with the copper squares sewn on.

They were remarkably easy to sew through, requiting no special needle or thread. My friend, Andrea, had given me some copper scraps to practice on and after trying a few different stitches I thought that this straight stitch was the best.  I bought these squares at the Houston IQA show a couple of years ago.  I looked up their schedule on their website and see that they will be at Houston again this year.  Their website for Willypilly Design has a lot to offer and shows their complete line of metal and shell offerings.

If you look at the left side of the quilt you will see some very small copper square sewn down.  These are 3/4 inch square and were cut from the scrap that Andrea gave me.

I purchased these real copper sequins and this variegated ribbon when I went to the garment district in NYC a couple of weeks ago.  I thought they would be perfect on the quilt and I sewed a few on and decided they were superfluous so I took them off.  I didn't do anything with the ribbon, even though it was a perfect match.

Now on to my next project, something entirely different . Stay tuned.


Mary Stori said...

OMG......this is GREAT....but another thing to try....does it get any better than that?? Thanks for sharing!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. Beautiful depth that you achieved on this piece, between the shibori and the copper. Very exciting experiments!
best, nadia

Regina B Dunn said...

Very nice. No ripping out on these, though. Have to get it right on the first time.

Linda M said...

The little squares really added some extra spark -nice quilt.

Linda Kennedy said...

Beautiful piece!

Judy Ferguson said...

This is very well designed and thought out. One of the problems to conqeor when using so many elements, is how to keep them from getting lost in the whole design. You did a great job on this.