Sunday, September 1, 2013


Alright, I admit it.  I m a sucker for sunflowers! As soon as the grocery stores have them out early in the summer I buy a bunch weekly to put on my kitchen table. I cut the stems very short and put them in a chunky vase with just the heads peeking out.  They are like a ray of sunshine in the room.

Last week I went to a local nursery/farm stand and they had a wide variety to choose from.  I fell for these shaggy petaled ones.  At the grocery store you get five flowers to a bunch and I always look for the biggest heads.  At the farm stand there were four to a bunch, but there were several buds included which proceeded to open through out the week, a real bonus.

In my previous home I had a lot of garden space and a large vegetable/cutting garden and I grew them there successfully.  In my current home I have limited garden space so I tried to grow them in a big pot outside of the deck. I was moderately successful.

Thanks for stopping by.  May you have a sunny sunflowery day!


Cindy Green said...

All of them are lovely and very cheerful! We grew some at the library this year (in the children's garden) that were spectacular! I have had only moderate success at home this year as well.

Sarah said...

They are a very happy sunny flower and they definately make me smile! Thanks

Linda M said...

I love sunflowers also, mine reseed every year and they are covered with birds this time of the year.

janice pd said...

One of my best visual memories is the sunflower fields while driving through Kansas. Miles and miles of sunshine.