Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dyeing Workshop Results

A couple of Fridays ago  I gave a workshop for some of my FiberWorks group on hand dyeing.  Last Friday three of the participants brought their finished products.  We were all so pleased with the results.

Nike's one color gradation, using Rusty Brown is on top.  For her two color mix she used Loden and Orange. I would have known that these were Nike's even if she hadn't told me because she favors these colors so much.

 Gwen's one color gradation is on the left, Strong Purple.  The two color on the right used Mulberry and Scarlet.  The Scarlet is the bottom one in the pile,  beautiful, but not what I would call Scarlet.

Barbara's two color on top used Fuchsia and Basic Brown. I was curious to see how these would turn out and I really like the mid-tones she achieved. Her one color gradation on the bottom was Cotton Black, which looked quite green in person.

Beth couldn't be at the meeting, but she emailed me photos of hers,  On top is her one color, Apple Green and her two color below that uses Deep Yellow and Peacock Blue.

Not everyone who took the workshop was there last week, but they promised to bring them to the next meeting this Friday.  I'll show you some more next week.

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