Monday, August 5, 2013

Montreal, Part 1

Our first stop was Montreal, a beautiful city.  As we usually do when we get to a new city, we took a Hop on, Hop off guided bus tour.  We sat on the top deck and got blown to bits, but got a good overall view of the city and gave us ideas on what to go back and see in depth.

I'm a sucker for mirrored skyscrapers, having a made a quilt called "Houston Reflections" several years ago.  Montreal had quite few, but I only took a few pictures.

I found the name of this restaurant amusing.

There were flowers and gardens all over the city.

Notre Dame Cathedral.  It was magnificent!

The sign explains the sculpture below, one of many sculptures we saw on the street.  This  one was rather bizarre and because of the color we called it the "Butter Sculpture"

The figures were more than life size and took up a large space.  I walked all around snapping pictures.

The Beaux Arts Museum had a Chihuly exhibit that we wanted to see, but the museum was closed on Monday, the day that we were there.  We thought we might go back the next day, but we had other adventures planned, which I will blog about tomorrow.

This was Maxine's breakfast on the first morning in the hotel.  Every dish came loaded with fruit, but hers was the most artistic.  It was way too much to eat at one sitting.


Linda M said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. Loved the reflections picture.

Sue said...

I know that when the blog goes silent, you are off on another adventure. Beautiful pictures of the colorful city....and food !! You visit the elegant places and I certainly don't .....