Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FANE in New York Gallery

Last Saturday several members of our FANE group met in NewYork City at the exhibit of our Kimonos at the City Quilter Art Quilt Gallery. These were the same kimonos that were exhibited at the Northern Star Quilter's Guild show last May and I blogged about them and showed all of them here.

This was the view from outside, drawing us in with peeks of the art inside

 The quilts were mostly hung flat against the wall, as opposed to being on stands as  they were in May.  I was wondering how they would look this way and  was pleasantly surprised.

Some of the pieces had a different design on the other side and they were hung on stands, such as this one.

                                               This is mine, "Indigo Shibori".

My three companions and I made a day of it and visited a few places in the garment district.  Here we are getting ready to go inside M & J Trimming.  What a treasure trove!

We thought that if you couldn't find it here, it doesn't exit. This was just a section of two walls.  The place was huge.  I wish that I needed some buttons or trim, but it sure was fun to browse.

We also went to Tinsel Treasures. They are in the process of moving so it was quite messy, but oh, what goodies!  We hit a couple of bead stores, too, but didn't take pictures.

Pop on over to Cindy's blog and see what she wrote.


Vivien Zepf said...

What a great day!

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