Saturday, August 17, 2013

Final Decision

I took my quilt to my critique group yesterday and those copper squares got moved around every which way and although it is my quilt and I can do anything I want, I did agree with everyone's final decision.  We not only moved the squares to a different spot on the quilt, but we turned the quilt upside down.

I thought I was all set with this design, but when I looked at it again. I really liked that light section in the middle of the bottom better on the top.  I thought it was a better balance with it on top.

So I flipped it around again back to its original orientation and moved to squares to the other side.  I think this is it!  What do you think?
Now I need some copper to practice sewing on.  Michael's and Home Depot did not have any.  I may have to go to a roofing store.

The first picture was taken in my studio.  This one was taken outside at the meeting yesterday.  It was such a glorious day that we sat outside on Barbara's deck surrounded by her beautiful flowers and spectacular view of her yard and brook.  I had Paula hold up the quilt for me to take a quick snap so that I could remember where the squares went.  Look at the difference from the first picture.  All the quilting just pops right out in this one.  Makes me think that photographing outside would be a good choice.  In my former house I had the back of the garage where I could hang my quilts for photography. I put two long nails through the siding and would put a dowel through the quilt sleeve and hang it.  It worked great and maybe I can try it here. There is one side of the house that is garden, porch and deck free.  I'll have to see what kind of lighting it gets.  I also remember having to deal with sunlight and/or wind when I photographed outside, but it's worth investigating.  Do any of you photograph your quilts outside?


Sylvia said...

I like your final selection! It didn't even occur to me to suggest moving the pieces to another location.

It is amazing how photographing things outside works so well. We tend to have a lot of breezy days, so I don't do that much.

Gurli said...

I like it too. Nice to have good friends to discus these decisions with.

Vivien Zepf said...

I like the new placement of the copper squares. And the quilting is gorgeous! So glad you could get a better photo of it outdoors.