Friday, October 30, 2009

Stone Barns

Yesterday I took a delightful day trip with 10 other members of The Woman's Club of Danbury/
New Fairfield to Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.  This beautiful property of 80 acres of rolling country side was formerly part of the Rockefeller estate, built in the 1930's so that the Rockefeller family, who lived nearby, could have fresh milk and produce.  Now it is an educational center and an organic farm. We were fortunate to have a lovely fall day after a nasty rainy one the day before.  We had a guided tour and got to see the garden and all the farm animals.  
What's a Woman's Club trip without lunch?  So of course we had a scrumptious buffet all made from the farm's produce.  My favorite was a salad of farro (a grain that resembled brown rice), roasted sweet potatoes, roasted golden cauliflower, and cashews.  It was fabulous and I am going to try to duplicate it.
Remember to click on each picture for a bigger view.

Part of the stone barns. They really were beautiful! They are not actually used as barns today, but as the gift shop and visitor center, class rooms and lectures, and a cafe.

More of the barns.

Part of the garden.  Not a lot was growing at this time of the year, but these greens looked so healthy.

Some of the gorgeous hills behind the greenhouses.

Cattle in the distance.  I forgot what breed they were.

In this greenhouse many varieties of salad greens were growing and we had some in our salad at lunch. Below are some of the many farm animals we saw.  


Anonymous said...

I love the animals! The stone barn was beautiful!


Sherryl said...

Sounds like a fun trip... did you get a recipe you can share, sounds delicious.

norma said...

No, they didn't give us the recipe, but I think I can figure out out on my own......I hope.

Natalya said...

love Stone Barns! but I am upset that you were only five minutes away from my house and didn't stop by....

Vivien said...

Love the Stone Barns! Morgan's taken many -a farming class there. And I also agree with Natalya; can't believe you were so close but didn't stop by!