Friday, October 23, 2009

More from Houston

Because we stayed at the Hilton this year which adjoins the Convention Center and since the weather the first couple of days was in the 90's and very humid and feeling like over 100, we had no reason to go outside.  But we did venture across the street one day to the beautiful big park that was built during the last year.  It really is lovely with a water feature, many paths and benches and an indoor cafe.  

I had read about this exhibit called Cool Globes. There were 50 globes, each 5 feet in diameter and 7 feet high.  They were designed by various artists and groups to show what ordinary people can do to combat global warming. I'm only showing you a few, but you can read about them and see all the globes here. We didn't stay in the park very long since it was soooo hot.

Another special exhibit in the quilt show in the Convention Hall was one called "Indigos of China".  Being a lover of blue and white (you should see my house), I found this fascinating. While there were no quilts, there were many examples of the fabrics and large story boards telling how the fabric is dyed and how the patterns are made.  

These large panels on the floor were made of some kind of plastic, but they were very showy and effective in drawing you into the exhibit.

These long panels of real indigo fabric in different patterns went way up toward the ceiling.

The exhibit was huge and this is just a small part.  My camera battery died and I never got back the next day to take more pictures.

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Vivien said...

Very cool! I think it's just amazing that there are so many different exhibits in Houston. How wonderful and interesting.