Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Market in Portland

One of the very neat things we do every time I visit Portland, OR is go to Saturday Market, which is actually on Sunday, too. It is a huge outdoor market of hand made crafts, all kinds. Lots of jewelry, wearables, food, wooden things, pottery, etc. etc. On my first visit four years ago I found this incredible artist who made these fabulous miniatures out of paper, fabric, and ribbon. It was a cold, nasty November day and I didn't linger as long as I would have liked and I didn't buy anything. I really regretted it. She does not have a website so I had no way to contact her.

My thoughtful son went back the next weekend (after I had gone home) and I received this wonderful glass box as one of my Christmas presents. The little scene is Mount Hood. I just love it! the scene is about 2 1/4" square, with the frame 2 1/2". She must work with a magnifying glass and tweezers.  Be sure to click on the pictures to see the details.

We went back the next year and she was gone. I was so disappointed. Well, we found her this year. She said she had taken some time off and was back doing the show again. Still no website. Her business is called "The Wolfe Works"

I fell in love with this little framed piece. The center miniature is set on clear glass, hard to tell from this picture. The frame is the true color, but the picture is washed out. The true colors are below. He prices are VERY reasonable. this framed piece, 8 inches square, was only $50, and no tax in Portland.

If ever in Portland, be sure to visit the Saturday Market. I have made many other purchases there, too.


Vivien said...

What a find! (And what a thoughtful son!)

Paul and Sue said...

We have been to the market also and I loved it. Once when we were crossing the street, a young woman stopped Paul and said, "you are extremely good looking".....he was rather taken aback but she looked totally 'normal' so we laughed and remembered that day. I bought a sweater from Peru...very heavy and warm. I really like Portland and decided to be born there many many years ago.....Sue