Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lowell Quilt Festival

On Saturday my friend, Nike, and I made an impromptu trip to the Lowell Quilt Festival in Lowell MA. It was a beautiful day and we said , "Why not?" It was a three hour drive and went very smoothly with very little traffic. Nike drove so it was really easy for me. We were so glad that we went. The quilts at the Tsongas Arena were, for the most part, not very inspiring, although there were 10 or 12 outstanding ones. Our favorite venues were the Brush Gallery and the Whistler Gallery, both with splendid displays of art quilts. This beauty was the Best of Show at the Whistler, by Betty Busby. It was stunning and well deserving of the award.

Here in the detail you can see the tiny beads she sewed on and the tiny pieces of fabric to simulate leaves. This in itself would make a wonderful quilt.

Also at the Whistler, here is Elaine Quehl with her scrumptious hosta leave quilt.

We were lucky to meet up with Benedicte Caneil here with her quilt at the Brush Gallery. What you can't tell from this picture is that all of the fabric is hand painted by Benedicte, then cut up and pieced.

There were so many lovely quilts at both places and I took a lot of pictures, but I didn't want to post any without permission.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Norma! It was so good to see you in Lowell. I hope you keep your 3 hour schedule! It certainly inspires me to do the same!

Carole said...

Thank you for sharing...

Vivien said...

Looks like it was well worth the trip!

Cheryl Lynch said...

Hi Norma - I just found your blog. I have used the photo of your Sisters quilt that you sent me (With full acknowledgment)in my guild lectures and the ladies just love it.
I laughed because I have the same photo of my husband and me that we took at Fallingwater last summer. I love your Wordless Wednesdays.