Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dare I hope?

These are the sunflowers I planted after the original ones were decimated by the deer. You can see that damage here. Now they are at just about the height that they were when chomped on by Bambi and friends. My intent was to have their happy faces (the sunflowers, not the deer) show above the deck railing and be seen on the deck and in the house. I don't know how far away they are from actually blooming, but I'm being hopeful that it happens before frost.

This has been a crazy summer for the garden. Many things rotted from the excessive rain in June and July. And now we have oppressive heat and humidity. Yuck. The yellow Margarite daisies, that I planted by the mail box with blue Scaevola, and about which I was so enthusiastic, now look very sad and scraggly in spite of my diligent deadheading. They will soon be replaced by mums. The scaevola still look good, maybe I should concentrate on them next year.

I've often said that life should be like a garden. If it doesn't work out one year, you always have the next year to do it all over again. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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