Sunday, September 15, 2013

Three Times the Charm

Now that all the little quiltlets are finished for my flower garden quilt, I have to quilt the background, which will be about 30" square.  In the original ice-dyeing session I made this fabric that I thought would be the perfect setting, but I had two half yard pieces that would have to be pieced.  Not that that would be too horrible, but I wanted it to be one piece.

 I had kept some notes and I knew that this piece had been been made by first ice-dyeing it in Wine and then over-ice-dyeing it in Olive and Lemon/Lime.

So I thought I would ice-dye a yard using those three colors all at once, and this is what I got, too muddy, too dark.  Rats!

So I went back and dyed another yard, first in Wine, then washed it and ice-dyed it again in Olive and Lemon/Lime.  The colors were better, but I still thought it was too dark.

One last time!  I did it in Wine first, washed it and did it a second time with the greens, but this time around I was much more stingy with the dye powders and, Voila!, it worked.  I am very happy with this piece.  Although it is "busier" than the original, it has the same amount of darkness and I think it will be a perfect foil for all those little impressionistic looking quilts. I will try to get it quilted in the next couple of days and then I can add the little quilts. All of these pieces are one yard and have been folded in half, so I have plenty to work with.

Then I did a piece trying to replicate the fabric that gave me the flower garden look. I used Wine, Grass Green, Sun Yellow, and Amethyst, and used the dyes very sparingly on one yard of white fabric, which is shown in full here.  I wanted to have a lot of white spaces, as I did in the first one.  I thought the results were satisfactory.  I don't think there are quite as many gardens as the first one and you have to use your imagination, perhaps turn it upside down or sideways, but there are enough to make some postcards,  or perhaps even another quilt. I might try this again, maybe putting in more purple or a little blue.  What do you think?

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