Friday, September 20, 2013

Flower Garden Quilt Finished

As promised last week, here is the finished quilt.  I ice-dyed several fabrics before I decided on this one as the best backdrop for my little flower garden quilts. The overall quilt is 30" x 30".  The background was quilted in a loose allover meander and the little quilts are machine sewn down. To see pictures of the little quilt up close, go here and here.

Also as promised here is the antique quilt that inspired it. It is very old, I think from the 1700's and the oldest quilt in the museum's collection. I am amused by the one flower that is blue and white and yellow, as opposed to the rest of them that are pink and red and green. I'm guessing that it was a group quilt and the maker of that block either didn't get the correct directions or she didn't have the correct colors in her stash.  Did women have stashes in those days? Or maybe it was made by one person and she ran out of fabric or just wanted to add an element of surprise.

My quilt will be part of an exhibit at the Windsor Textile and History Museum in Windsor, CT.   The show, titled "Then and Now" will feature twelve invited fiber artists, each making a contemporary quilt inspired by an antique quilt.  These quilts are not due until January and I'm not sure what dates the show will be, but I will certainly post about it closer to the date. I just have lot going on in my life between now and then and I wanted to get it out of the way. Actually, don't expect to see any more sewing from me for awhile for various and sundry reasons.

I titled my quilt "Snapshots from the Garden" and have linked up again with "Off the Wall Friday". Please go over and see what everyone else is up to. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Norma
It's as lovely and delicate as the original.

Sylvia said...

Love the final piece!

It could be that the green print used for the rogue block had the yellow fade out of it over the years and turn it blue.

Linda M said...

It looks great, I really like the way you overlapped the pieces. I have quite a stash of ice dyed fabrics, I should get them out and do something with them.

LA Paylor said...

Norma this series is sooooo lovely.
LeeAnna Paylor

Vivien Zepf said...

Very cool quilt from the inspiration.

Sarah said...

Your piece is lovely! If quilts could only talk! I wonder what it would say?