Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We left the beautiful island of Oahu to fly to Maui.  I took so many pictures, but I'll try to keep it down and wind this up in a few days.  I have other things to show you after my travelogue.

Even the planes are beautiful in Hawaii.

We loved our resort, Hanoa Kai.  Four of us shared a two bedroom suite and two had a one bedroom. We had a fully stocked kitchen with full size stainless steel Bosch appliances plus washer and dryer.
We had a spacious living, dining area, a large lanai balcony, two bathrooms. There was maid service every day, when they made the beds, cleaned the bathrooms, changed the towels, cleaned the rest and ran the dishwasher.  We ate breakfast in most days and some lunches and went out to dinner every night. Not a bad way to live.

This was just a small part of the beautiful marble floored lobby.

One part of the lobby opened out to the reflecting pond with large koi and a grass play area for the kids. You often saw little kids kicking a soccer ball or playing touch football. It was a great resort for families with kids.  Beyond that were several pools, each with a different style, and beyond that the ocean beach.

These large orange-flowered trees were everywhere.  On our Road to Hanna trip (more about that later) we saw whole hillsides of them and it was breathtaking.  Someone said they were African Parrot trees, but I'm not sure about that.

We took several drives in our rented car and beautiful scenery was everywhere you looked.

This sunset shot with the lit-up cruise ship was taken right from our beach.

One of our adventures was to take a whale watch cruise.

We saw a lot of whales, mothers and calves.  It was hard to get good shots with my camera, but those splashes you see are whales breaching or spouting. The whales will be around until mid-April when they start their long swim to Alaska where they will spend the summer. We often saw whales right from the resort beach.

This beautiful little girl was intent on getting a good view.

I wish I could say that I took this picture.  I would need a fabulously sophisticated camera with super lenses, as I'm sure this photographer had. I confess that I scanned it from a postcard, but this is what the whales were doing.  

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Cindy Green said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Looks like a fabulous trip! Next time my DH and I go away together, I'm going to push Hawaii!