Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hawaiian Quilts

As a quilter, of course I was interested in seeing the quilts.  Some of the big hotels used them as display on the walls behind glass.

There were also shops selling hand bags, glass cases. pillow covers, wall hangings, bed covers, etc, but I was very disappointed in the quality.  While they looked OK from a distance, upon closer inspection the needle-turn applique was clumsy and the quilting stitches quite large.  They never would have passed muster at a big judged quilt show.  I later learned that they were made in the Philippines.  They were inexpensive, though.  Claire bought a cute bag for only $34.

I was excited when I saw these from a distance on a resort wall, but they were a complete fake-out.  They were painted on the wall. With the edges slightly rippling and the shadows, they looked quite real.

In one store called "Everything Hawaiian " I found this darling Santa ornament for my Santa tree.  He was made in Hawaii. Isn't he cute with his jams and ukulele?

On the day before we left we found out that there was a museum on the other side of the island that had all things authentically Hawaiian, including quilts. We had been in that area a few days before, but didn't know about it.  We didn't want to use a whole day and miss out on our last day at the beach, so we didn't go. I'm sure that I would have enjoyed it.

I still have a few things to wrap up so please come back

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Anonymous said...

I really like looking through your photos of your Hawaiian quilt making process. I love the read and the multiple designs you used. I am going to Hawaii this Saturday, so I'm excited to collect some ideas for a future quilt project.