Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aloha and Farewell

It's time to wind down my Hawaiian travelogue.  This has been just the tip of the iceberg, but it gave you some idea of our fabulous trip. We did go to a luau, but I didn't get any good pictures.  Too dark, too far away.

I never saw so many Mustang convertibles in one place.  It got to be quite amusing as we'd say, "there's another one!"  I even asked one young man if there was a special rental place, but he said that he just got it at the airport.  In one small parking lot that held about 30 cars, there were seven Mustangs.  Most of them were in bright red or blue , but there were also black, silver and white.  Hawaii surely is a good place for a convertible with its year round mellow weather.  On the road they usually had the tops down.  My late husband was a Ford dealer, a car buff and an owner of an original Mustang.  I know he would have gotten a big kick out of it.

One of our adventures was to take a sunset cruise on this boat.  There was plenty of seating room below with a bar.  This was an hor'dourves/cocktail cruise.  You could have as much as you wanted to eat or drink, but with the rough water and unstable walking, one Mai Tai was enough for me.

I took this casual shot of Sheila and zoomed in from the other side of the boat.  She loves the water and sunsets, so she was in her element.  Notice the bare feet and rolled up pants.  We had to take our shoes off before boarding and put them in a big plastic container on the sand.  You had to walk thru a bit of water boarding the boat and we all got a little wet.  Same thing for getting off, where some of us got even wetter.

We were rewarded with  a spectacular sunset.

These shots were taken at the airport.

This picture was actually taken as we got off the airport in Honolulu after 11 1/2 hours on the plane, the start of out trip, but I just got the picture from Marilyn.  We were all given the leis by our transport man.  Since Aloha means both hello and goodbye, I thought it was a good one to end with.

It's funny how references to Hawaii seem to be everywhere now.  When I went to the bank the other day and commented on the teller's nice tan, she told me she had just returned from Hawaii.  One of my quilt group members did the same thing.  The new episode of Madmen started in Hawaii and was the theme thru out the episode.  There is a new program on HGTV called Hawaiian Life in which prospective buyers are looking to get a home in Hawaii. Maybe it's like when you buy a red car, you seem to notice all the other red cars.  I don't know.  But suffice it to say that we had a great time and would recommend it to anyone interested in gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, good places to eat, and fun adventures.



Vivien Zepf said...

I've enjoyed all your photos. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

p.s. I can't believe how rested and ready to go you all looked when you arrived. Wow!

Cindy Green said...

I always enjoy the trips vicariously through you! This one was fabulous - loved it!

Sue said...

For some reason, I thought you were going for a month so hadn't checked the blog before. Really a great journal of your time there with just perfect pictures and narratives. That tree is amazing and I'm sure you'll interpret it well. You are all a very attractive group and represent our generation exceedingly well !!! Can't wait to see where next year takes you !!