Saturday, March 30, 2013

Honolulu. part 2

As I said yesterday the Hawaiian Village Hilton was quite a spread.  There were gardens, ponds, animals, and even a beautiful wedding chapel.

Koi were very popular in Hawaii and we saw them in several places, including a large pond at the hotel.  I saw stunning ceramic ones in gift shops, quite large (actually life size) and quite expensive.

There were several beautiful parrots, not caged or tethered, but they seemed perfectly content where they were and very willing to pose for a picture.

I never expected to see penguins, but there they were.  There was no sign telling the species, but obviously they liked the warm weather.

Tropical gardens were everywhere.

On a more serious note, we had to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the Arizona.

This was the plaque with the names of all the men who were killed on the ship that terrible day and whose bodies are still within the ship.

The monument was built right over the ship that still lays at the bottom of the sea.  It was a very moving experience.

And here we are with our bags ready to fly to Maui.  The sign we are all making with our hands is seen all over the islands.  It means "hang loose". Where else but in Hawaii can you wear a flower in your hair and not look ridiculous? 

Tomorrow is Easter and I'll be at my niece's again.  This time there will be two new babies to meet.  That will have to interrupt my travelogue, but I will get back with pictures from Maui next week.


Vivien Zepf said...

I was logging in 1000 miles in the car with my son as you posted these beautiful pictures of Hawaii. I'm so glad you did; Wonderful!

Martha said...

Norma, since I was so busy getting ready for and taking my trip to China, I missed reading blogs. Your trip looks wonderful, especially getting together with your group. Beautiful scenery and touching scenes.