Saturday, March 2, 2013

Final Decision

Are you wondering where I've been?  I had a family emergency that called me out of town for a few days (all is fine now) and I've been busy and I also didn't have anything to post.

A couple of posts ago I showed you a piece that I had made for a FANE show at the Mahopac Museum in April. I liked it but I wasn't sure if it was right for this show it and I had another one in mind.  So I finished my second try and showed both to my quilt group yesterday to see which they liked best. They overwhelmingly gave my second one the thumbs up and here it is.

The guidelines for this show are thus:  It has to be inspired by lines in poetry or a song, it has to be made of more than one component, it must fit within a 14" square and it will be mounted on an 18" white artist's canvas.

I started out with four of my snow-dyed fabrics and stenciled them with Shiva paint sticks using some commercial stencils I had picked up that showed clocks, numbers and what I thought looked liked gears. I had purchased some antique watch faces a few years ago and they all screamed to be put together. I outlined all the elements with free-motion quilting and made each piece into a little faced quilt then tacked them together with tiny stitches. The clock faces were put on using a single seed bead through the center hole.

My poem is To Time by Lord Byron and the lines I chose are:
Time! on whose arbitrary wing
The varying hours flag or fly

My first piece, a little underwater triptych, will be donated to the silent auction at my quilt guild's quilt show in May.  I think it is a good choice for that.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Norma, this is just lovely. I love the clean lines and mysterious quality. Beautiful!

Kate Themel said...

Love it!

Cindy Green said...

I agree - It's fabulous, very contemporary and steampunk-ish! Cool!

Vivien Zepf said...

Yep, have to agree that this is the better one for the exhibition. Love it!