Monday, December 24, 2012

Unusual Santas

I have an array of conventional glass Santas, but I think that some of these unusual Santas give my tree a needed touch of whimsy. Remember to click on a picture to see more detail.

Corkscrew Santa

Patriotic Santa

Very skinny Santa
Very fat Santa

Blue-robed Santa

Santa and the Mrs. on a bicycle built for two.

Santa in an antique car

Santa juggling

Gardening bird-loving Santa

Football player Santa

Referee Santa

Santa on a tricycle
Santa Mouse.  He and Mrs. Santa Mouse below were made by a friend about 35 years ago.  She could make any kind of themed mouse. They are cuter (and not so creepy) in person.

If you're wondering how I could have so many Santa ornaments, and I 've only shown a part of my collection, remember that they go on a 7 1/2' tree and my theory of tree decorating is "more is more".

And I also know that Christmas is about so much more than Santa Claus.  So I wish you a happy, blessed Christmas and a healthy, creative and prosperous New Year. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Norma
I love your trip thru Santa Land. I agree with you. More is more. Have a wonderful, happy and very healthy New Year. See you soon.