Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rengas again

This is now the third and last step of the Renga project.  I will review the somewhat convoluted rules for you. Every participant started with one half yard of white cotton fabric, to which she did some sort of all-over surface design.  Those half yards were taken to the meeting and cut in half to make fat quarters.  Those quarter yards were given to two different people to take home and do another layer.  Then at the next meeting they were cut in half again and each person got four pieces to take home and do yet another layer.

 This is Mary Ann's.  She had forgotten to do it, so at the first meting she took her half yard of white fabric and drew big lip shapes with lipstick. I'm not sure what the next person did, perhaps echoed those lip shapes with red paint.  I did this all-over number design, using shiva paint sticks and the cool stencil shown below by Balzer Designs.

12" x 12" stencil

Next is Paula's.  She sprayed a subtle misty design in green all over the fabric.  The next person made the amoeba-like shapes in purple filled with purple circles.  Again I used one of those fabulous stencil and green shiva paint sticks.

6" x 6" stencil

For the last two I remembered to take "before" pictures.  Sonia painted hers all over with red paint and then scrunched it to get a nice textural look. The next person drew large squiggles with red paint.

I decided to go with the monochromatic look and stamped all over with two different stamps and red ink.

 For my last one, I must confess that this was my favorite starting out.  Joyce had painted wide stripes on her white fabric with turquoise paint and then ran a comb through it.  The next person added bubble wrap stamping in a similar turquoise color.

I thought that it needed a complementary color and a vertical orientation.  I wrapped a brayer in twine and ran it through yellow paint. It did not come out as I envisioned and it is my least favorite now.  Sorry Joyce!

Our meeting is Thursday night when I will get my four pieces back.  I will post the results. 

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