Friday, December 21, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus

Not that I've gotten over last week's tragedy, because I doubt that I ever will, but I thought that it better not to dwell on it and perhaps give you something to smile about in this sad time.

As I've said before I love decorating for Christmas and I especially love Santa. There are endless variations on his appearance, yet we all recognize him for who he is, that jolly old soul. I've been collecting Santa ornaments and decorations for years and I blogged about it here last year. I try to buy a new glass ornament ever year and this year I got two.

I bought this ball at the Hartford flower show last Spring.  He was hand painted in Poland and came with a lovely little story about how he was made.  His beard curls around all the way to the back of the ball in graceful swirls.

He was one of a set of three inexpensive little glass snowmen Santas.

This fellow was bought at the Red LIon Inn gift shop in Stockbridge, MA when we visited this summer.  He is made of fleece.  The berries are in the background on my baker's rack. The one on the right with the red plaid wool coat came from the same shop.

The cookie jar was a gift from my sister last Christmas to replace the one that got broken the year before.  I have to make some biscotti to fill him up.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collection.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you some of my travel Santas.


Cindy Green said...

Love them! They are very cheerful, much needed after this week... we are all feeling it, so thanks for the little pick-me-up! Have a Merry Christmas :-D

Sarah said...

I don't think any one in the world was not affected by what happened. It makes the heart ache. So thank you for your little piece of christmas cheer!