Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gray Plus One

On Friday my small Friday quilt group, The Scrapbag Quilt Artists, hung their annual challenge show at the library in Newtown, CT. Although our group has gotten a lot smaller, we still managed to hang 15 quilts, with the inclusion of two alumnae members and some current members making two. If you ever thought that gray was boring, this show will certainly change your mind. If you live in the area I hope you will stop by and see it. It will be up until October 23.

Oh, yes, all the quilts are squared and true, it's my photography that makes some of them look otherwise. Please click on each picture for a larger view.

Radiance/Radiants by Andrea Shedletsky

Falling Water by Carolyn Cooney

Tsuru (Japanese Crane), by Betty Gemelin

Spinning Into Place by Nike Cutsumpas

Optimism by Andrea Sehedletsky

Etude in Red and Gray by Barbara Drillick

City Lights by Norma Schlager

Solid Illusions by Lynne Croswell and Winter by Anita Veccia

Hydra Flower by Nike Cutsumpas

No Elephants Here by Norma Schlager

Spicebush by Janet Bunch

Etude in Blue and Gray by Barbara Drillick

Gray Matters by Alice Garrard

Ribbon Dance by Margaret Clayton-Amey


Cynthia Wenslow said...

Really nice! Thanks for posting the exhibit, Norma.

Anonymous said...

They all look wonderful. I hope I can get down to see it in person. Thanks for taking the time to put all the pictures up.

Sue Andrus said...

Those are great! Amazing how great gray can be with just one color... Thanks for posting these!

Sue said...

I'm excited that I can actually see it in person next week. Another winner of a show. Sue

Anonymous said...

The pictures came out beautiful!


Dawn said...

These are stunning! What a fabulous group of fabric artists! And gray makes every color look so much better! If it only worked with gray hair! :)

Thanks for posting these photos.

LuLu said...

The show looks wonderful. I got to see Anita's piece before it left Arizona. As usual, I was very impressed. I also love your "No Elephants Here"; not only because it conveys a desireable sentiment, but also because the blue just looks amazing with the grey.

Kindest regards,
Linda McCurry

LaughingLG said...

Norma, your quilts are beautfiul, and what a wonderfully inventive guild you belong to; I liked almost every single one. Congratulations.

Susan Schweikhart said...

The quilts are great! Values of grey can really bring any other color to life. Thanks for showing them all

Vivien said...

Whoa!!! This is a great show. Congratulations to you all. Thanks for sharing, Norma.

Deborah said...

these are great! i'm enjoying seeing all of them and am inspired to try using gray myself