Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blue Saturday

Guess what I did today? I am so mad at myself! I always, always wear gloves when I'm dyeing fabric and today was no exception. However, one of the things that I did was stitched Shibori, dyed dark blue, of course. I rinsed and rinsed but had to take the stitches out before throwing it in the machine. The bulky rubber kitchen gloves wouldn't allow me to do it. Yes, I have thin latex gloves in my studio. Why, oh why didn't I put them on? Tomorrow is Sunday, church day for me. Oh, for the days of little white gloves.

I hope it wears off before I fly out to Portland, OR to see my son on Wednesday.


Sherryl said...

Try some toothpaste.

norma said...

Thanks, Sherryl. Actually I got a lot of it off with a bleach pen and a Scotch Brite pad.

Carole said...

Why do we DO that!!... it just does happen.
It will come off pretty soon, I am sure.
Now, after looking at your hands, sure will be looking forward to that shibori piece.

Candied Fabrics said...

i wear my dyed hands with pride! BUT I also notice they fade fairly fast - using them to give my hair a good scrub in the shower does a lot of good - both for my hands and my hair! ;-)

p.s. Be very glad I don't put a picture of my thigh with big turquoise dribbles on it! I was dyeing today in my bathing suit!

Anonymous said...

The nurse in me would want to give you oxygen........can't wait to see the results on the fabric. Sue