Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SAQA Conference

I returned home from the SAQA conference on Sunday and brought with me a nasty head cold. It has been so enervating that all I want to do is snuggle on the couch and read. Lest you think that I really have crawled under a rock, I will give you a brief report.

One of the highlights of the event was getting to see the opening of Art Quilt Elements at the Wayne Art Center. It is one of the premier art quilt shows in the country and is held every other year. I've only entered once years ago (and got rejected) but I am bound and determined to try for the next one.

I only took a few pictures before I got my hands slapped and was told it was a no-no. They did have a catalog, so no photography allowed. Below I'll show a few that I sneaked in before my reprimand.

Head 10 by Diane Siebels was awarded Best of Show and I could see why. The details below show some of the incredible hand and machine sewing.

Eleven 3 Eleven by Marianne Burr was one of my favorites, but did not win an award. Again there was some fabulous hand stitching as seen below.

One of the great aspects of going to the conference is meeting up with old friends and making new connections. This quilt, Linear B, by Kathy Loomis was another favorite of mine and a prize winner. Kathy and I have been blog buddies for several years and have even made a collaboration quilt, Brown Planet. We finally got to meet for the first time. Sorry that I chopped off a bit of the top of the quilt. I think it was right after I got scolded. I did buy the catalog, but they don't show details or close ups and I didn't get a detail of this. Too bad because it is fantastic.

This mixed-media stunner was not in the show, but hung behind the receptionist's  desk. I did get permission to photograph it. It was made by a high school senior. Isn't it amazing? Detail below.

I will stop for now before I succumb to my weariness. I promise to come back and tell you more about the conference.  Back to the couch!

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