Friday, April 8, 2016

SAQA Conference 2

One of the reasons that I was excited about the conference being in Philly was that I would get to see the Snyderman Works Gallery again. I had been there several years ago when there was a joint SAQA/SDA conference and it just blew me away. They are big supporters of fiber art, but they have fiber art like you've never seen before.There was very little in what we would call art quilts, but the use of unusual fiber abounds. There were pieces made from twist ties, lucite, monofilament, hemp, leather, bed springs, and much, much more. Please go to their website and you can see a lot of the art that is in this current exhibit, 10 Textile Biennial.I only took a few pictures.

On Saturday afternoon the JAM members had a private tour and a talk by the owners of the gallery.They are the most delightful couple, having owned this gallery for over 50 years. They live upstairs over the gallery.

The Snydermans being their usual charming selves.

I was so taken by these little gems done by Cindy Hickock. They were quite small, perhaps six or eight inches square and were totally covered with machine stitching. Go to her website to see some more. She has a great sense of humor.

I would have loved to take one of these home with me, had they not been over $7,000 each. The artist, Marilyn Pappas, had several pieces in the show incorporating antique maps, masks and stitching.

Warren Seeling had three pieces in the show, all using steel rods and other materials, this one using granite rocks. I loved the shadows on the wall that were so important to the piece. This one measured 15" x 120". 

That's it for today. Still battling this cold, although it is getting better. Come back and I'll show you some more of my SAQA conference adventures.

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