Sunday, April 24, 2016

Connecticut Scissorhands

A scan of the postcard. I always have trouble getting the scan right and that's why it looks so fuzzy. Excuses, excuses!

Last night was the opening of Connecticut Scissorhands, an exhibition of curated works from the CT chapter of the Surface Design Association. Three of my fellow FiberWorks group and I, who are also members of Surface Design, were pleased to each have one piece selected to be in the show and three of us were able to attend the opening reception last night. It was a lovely event with the requisite wine and goodies and was very well attended.

I will share with you here just a few pictures I took.

Here I am with my piece, Copper on Copper, which was made awhile ago but has never been entered into a show because of those real copper squares. If you fold or roll the quilt, the squares bend and are near impossible to straighten out. The copper squares are sewn onto my shibori fabric. For this show the work had to be hand delivered so I was glad that this one was chosen. If it does look familiar to you it is because it was in my solo show last summer, its maiden voyage.

Chris Wilkinson is one of the weavers in our group and her beautiful piece, Homage to Anni, is part of series she is doing inspired by the weaver Anni Albers. It was mounted on brown hand dyed fabric wrapped on a stretcher frame.

Nike Cutsumpas's dynamic piece, Safranum, was inspired by her visit to see The Gates in Central Park in NYC several years ago. Those triangles are loose flaps.

Barbara Drillick, the remaining member of FiberWorks, was unable to attend the opening, Her exciting piece, Summer Reverie, was made from white fabric that she marks with paints, markers, crayons, etc. then cuts into strips and weaves.

This large installation, Drawing from the Stargazers Diary, by Jennifer Coyne Queen, took up a whole wall and won Best of Show. I purposefully left the windows in the frame for scale. Each piece was for sale individually or you could buy the whole installation. Last night there were two red dots. See below.

I don't know why so many of these pictures came out distorted. They were all perfectly square and mounted on canvas that were smaller than the piece, so that they stood away from the wall.

Sooo-z Mastropietro poses in front of one of her pieces. She works with tiny tubes that she sews from knit fabric. She is wearing a fabulous vest, also one of her creations. More about her below.

For this piece, Ombrouchure,  Sooo-z has cut the tubes into short pieces that were fixed to the canvas.


A free-standing piece by Sooo-z called Mad Plaider.

Kobo Totem by Jennifer Davies is made entirely of hand made paper, her specialty.


As you can see it was a very diverse show, Nike and I had the only pieces that could be called art quilts. Please come back tomorrow or the next day and I will show you some more AND the fabulous piece that I purchased.

The show will be up until May 22. Canton, CT is in a very pretty, somewhat rural part of CT. It would make a pleasant drive on a nice spring day. It is about an hour and a quarter from where I live. The gallery, Gallery on the Green, is open on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 PM and has two other exhibits that also had their openings last night. So there's plenty to look at when you get there. Our exhibit is upstairs.


Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Looks like a fabulous show!

Sue Kaufman said...

I hope that you will post more pictures Norma, these are wonderful!

Sarah said...

Fantastic work, very inspiring!