Friday, January 29, 2016

Surface Design

I spent a bit of time this week on surface design, mostly using soy wax resist, painting with thickened dyes, and bleach discharge. For most of the pieces I started with a less-than-lovely hand dyed piece of fabric. Under each picture I will tell you what was done to that one.

Hand dyed fabric in variegated colors, soy wax applied with potato masher, dye painted with deep purple.

Hand dyed fabric, soy wax applied with a wide sponge brush into which I had cut notches, dye painted with Deep Purple.

Hand dyed fabric in yellowy green, soy wax applied with two different sizes of sponge pouncers,  dye painted with Amethyst,  stamped with bleach gel stick after washing out wax and dye.

White fabric with soy wax applied with sea sponge, then dye painted with Amethyst.

Hand dyed fabric, green on one end and orange on the other, soy wax applied with sea sponge,  dye painted Deep Purple.

Hand dyed fabric, soy wax applied with notched sponge brush, thickened dye painted in Amethyst applied only where the soy wax was and then dribbled throughout.

A very ugly shibori (of sorts) fabric, soy wax applied with round sponge, painted with Evergreen thickened dye. I don't know where those rusty streaks came from, but this is one of my favorite pieces.
Hand dyed fabric, turquoise at one end orange at the other, Soy wax applied with cardboard  tubes in two sized. Dye painted with Evergreen. Bleach discharged using Clorox bleach Pen and rubber stamps in three rows.

I  had quite a few others that were not as successful and I may over-dye them.  But my big project this weekend will be cleaning out my studio closet. It is a nice big square walk-in closet outfitted with shelves and it is a mess, long overdue for an overhaul. There now I've put it in writing, so I'll have to do it. 

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Sue Kaufman said...

Bleach discharge is so interesting! It will be fun to see how you use these special fabrics Norma.

Linda M said...

You've been having fun! Makes me want to play with my soy wax again.

LA Paylor said...

awesome results. I don't know if this is what you planned, but seeing them for the first time, it's pretty amazing what can be done isn't it? How will you use them....

I think you should take pics of the closet messy and then sorted, so I can see it's possible to clean up. Right now I wonder if I need to get that clean sweep guy in here. LeeAnna

Vivien Zepf said...

Ooo la la -- these make my heart sing!

Regina B Dunn said...

Your shibori with the circles is my favorite, too. I love rust. I often write things on my blog so that I will be guaranteed of doing it, too.