Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Project

When my sister and I go to the big quilt show in Houston every year we always say to each other, "Remember, this year, NO jacket patterns!" We have been enticed by so many jacket patterns that we either do not use or that turn out disastrously. I have had some successes, but more than a few flops.
Two years ago we were swept up by Londra's booth, where she had the most amazing jackets built on a sweatshirt base, which she also sells. They do not look like your typical sweatshirt jackets. Go check out her website to see. The sweatshirts that she sells are oversized since you use the cut-up shirt as fabric. I bought a 3XXX and I take a small. Ruthie and I each bought a different pattern booklet, each featuring 3 different designs, thinking that we would share.

Do I have to tell you that neither of us made a jacket? Every time I came across the pattern it was mocking me.This year she had a booth and we looked again. I tried on some of her samples and was determined to make it this year.

Now only two months after the show, I decided to get to work. For me one of the best parts of a new project, quilt or garment, is picking out the fabric. I went through my stash of hand-dyes and found what I think will be perfect complements to to the sweatshirt.

The fabric on the left is an ice dye and the ones on the right some hand dyed gradations.

I bought these fabulous glass buttons several years ago at our local guild show and I think they will be just the finishing touch for this. Stay tuned and I will show you the finished product.


Vivien Zepf said...

I'm intrigued and the color palette is lovely. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

LA Paylor said...

those colors are yummy.
Good for you to actually use the pattern! Yea! I swear if I used a fraction of what I've bought over the year it would be better than I've done lately!