Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fiber Fall #3

This is my third and last Fiber Fall. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please look at my two previous posts

For this one I used Oil of Olay face cleaners. They come with cleanser impregnated and you have to wet them to use. I've been using them for years and they take off every bit of war paint makeup. They are meant to be thrown away after one use.
They are pretty disgusting after using, being covered in foundation and eye makeup, but a few years ago I started to save them. I would wait until I had  bunch and then washed them and bleached them. Now I didn't save them for years, but I still had a nice pile. I thought I would somehow use them in a quilt, as I had used Dye Grabbers.

This is what it looks like after washing. It is sort of a paper cloth. They cannot be torn and are very sturdy.

They used to come in these neat plastic boxes with a hinged lid. I never threw one away, being so useful for corralling small items. This one has picture hanging hardware. Now they just come wrapped in plastic and then in a paper box.


I cut them into 4 inch squares and then dyed them in a dark to light navy blue. They took the dye beautifully. After dyeing I put them on freezer paper and coated them with Stiffy, making them very stiff, which is just what I wanted.

The 8 foot length hanging in my living room window. I fully intended to stamp these with some Hot Potato stamps that I had, but no matter what kind of paint or ink I used, they didn't show up. I also tried stenciling with paint and Shiva paint sticks, but that didn't work either. So I went through my box of spangles and found a lot of flat round ones in a few different sizes and applied them with acrylic medium. It gave a somewhat sparkly polka-dot look.

So I am finished with that project. Now I am going on to Soy Wax resist dyeing. Please come back.


Cindy Green said...

Love it! Just curious, how are your squares held together? Did you string something through the squares or stitch them with a long thread between? Thanks!

Sarah said...

You come up with such great original ideas! I'm looking forward to seeing all of them hung!