Monday, January 18, 2016

Soy Wax Resist

I've been wanting to try soy wax resist for a while. I even had the soy wax pellets. Wax is used as a resist when making batik fabric. The traditional way uses a paraffin type wax which has to be melted off the finished fabric, not an easy thing to do. It produces noxious fumes and can be dangerous. Soy wax works just the same, but it can be washed out in the washing machine with hot water.
What has been holding me back is that I was hoping to find a used electric frying pan at the thrift shop to melt the wax. No such luck, but a friend recently gifted me one, so I have done a very little experimenting.
Just in case you don't know what a resist is, it is something applied to a fabric that will keep the dye or paint you are applying from those resist areas.

These don't look very exciting, but I used some snow dyed fabrics and then applied the wax with kitchen utensils. Basically you dip whatever you are using into the hot wax, then apply it to the fabric. You have to wait an hour or so for the wax to totally harden. When it is hard you brush on your thickened dyes, another new process for me.

Here you can easily see what kitchen implements I used. The circles are from a drinking glass. I used blue as my dye because I had some left over from my Fiber Fall. I have so much to learn. I will use a bright fabric as my background and some different tools for applying the wax.

My fiber art group is going to have a play date at one member's unfinished basement this Friday where we can do messy things. This is what I want to play with.


Linda M said...

I like the fork design! I have several kitchen implements out in Studio B, but no fork. Have fun playing.

Vivien Zepf said...

LOVE THESE! This is one of the few times I wished I dyed fabrics, to try my hand at such lovely fabric and surface designs.

Heather Pregger said...

We were lucky enough to receive several electric frying pans as wedding presents 30+ years ago. I found one in the attic about 5 years ago, never used, and have made it my soy wax pot.

Norma, these are lovely! Have fun with the soy wax -- it's a great tool.