Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Home

If you follow my blog you are probably sick and tired of reading about Brown Planet, which I blogged about so often......the story behind, the making of, the award win at Houston, etc.  Well, after Houston it traveled for a year to other IQA shows in Chicago and Portland, OR.  Today it arrived home.  Just look at how beautifully it was packed!  Rolled and wrapped in tissue paper and plastic and tied with ribbon bows.  They really know how to take care of quilts and I always know that my quilts are in excellent  hands. Included in the box were the three catalogs for the three shows.

The box is another story.  It was my original telescoping box that I ordered from U-line and had used to ship the quilt to Houston.  It is quite beat up after all that travel and it will go to recycling. 


Sarah said...

Gosh is it a whole year it's been on its travels! Now where will you hang it?

Norma Schlager said...

Alas, as with most of my quilts, it won't go anywhere in my house. Perhaps I will enter it in another show.

Hilary Florence said...

Ah, but it is a wonderful quilt Norma!
And yes, the packaging is beautiful. I've just got 2 quilts back from a show - wrapped in brown paper and a tone of sticky brown tape. I had to cut it all off and was terrified I would cut the quilts!