Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thee I Wed

I went to a family wedding last weekend outside of Baltimore.  It was an unconventional wedding, as seems to be the norm these days. Is that an oxymoron? The groom's brother was married last September on a farm in New Hampshire and this one was on a farm, also.  My friend is going to one in a vineyard this weekend. We were blessed with a beautiful autumn day, the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

Unfortunately my juice was nearly gone on my iPhone, which is what I use for my camera now and I had forgotten my charger.  My nieces had taken a lot of pictures with good cameras and put them on Snapfish, which is giving me a hissy fit about joining, so I will have to go with the very few that I have.

Sarah and Brian taking their vows.
My niece had converted to Judaism when she married and her children were raised in the Jewish faith, so this was a Jewish ceremony with her son and bride married under a Chupppah.  It was decorated with beautiful summer flowers and the same casual floral theme was carried throughout the wedding.

The lovely bridesmaids with those same fabulous flowers.  Notice the bucolic setting in the background.  It actually was a working farm and we passed fields of corn, tomatoes and cabbage on the long dirt road to the buildings.

Allyson, the sister of the groom and the brother of the bride.

This was Courtney, last September's bride, and her partner.

Cocktails and appetizers were outside in the courtyard in front of the barn.  I doubt that this barn ever held animals because it was beautiful inside with fabulous stone walls on two sides, sparkling white lights overhead and fabulous polished wooden floors.  The round tables with gilt chairs were covered with navy cloths, centerpieces of summers flower clusters..  All very elegant.
These very large arrangements hung on the inside of the open barn doors.

The band was terrific and we all had fun dancing.  Instead of a wedding cake we had pie and ice cream, the pies being made with produce from the farm.  I had blueberry...yumm!

It's always good getting together for a happy occasion and seeing friends and family that live so far away.  It was a magical day and one that will be long remembered.  Mazel Toff!

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Martha Ginn said...

I loved the wedding, and your pictures are beautiful; no apologies needed. You really captured the essence of an elegant wedding in a rustic setting. Thanks for sharing.