Sunday, November 25, 2012

Iguazo Falls

From Buenos Aires we flew to the Argentina side of Iguaso Falls. My pictures got mixed up so I'm not sure which are on the Argentina side and which are on the Brazil side.  Just be assured that it is awesome, not a phrase I use very often. It is considered one of the modern natural Wonders of the World.

The bird on the sign is a swift, which flies in and out of the mist created by the falls 

 The border line of Argentina and Brazil is right in the middle of the bridge. After touring on the Argentina side we entered Brazil, went through immigration and headed for our hotel. The next day we toured the Brazilian side.

The Coati, a member a the raccoon family were in abundance.  They have grown used to people food and are always foraging for food in the trash bins around the dining areas.  They were quite comical the way they would dive into the bins, with their striped tails sticking out.  This one was on his way down.
Too fast for my slow camera.

There were beautiful butterflies everywhere and they would often land on a head, shoulder or proffered hand.

 Since we were in subtropical territory we saw a lot of lizards and some snakes, but they stayed far away from people.

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Linda M said...

Now I really want to take this trip, the falls are beautiful.