Monday, February 8, 2010

Darien Province and the Embera People

One of our trip adventures and one of my favorites was a visit to the Darien Provinces and the Embera People. We took a motorized wooden dugout (very primitive) from our ship and then up the river, lined with mangrove trees.
We were greeted by young women who helped us disembark onto the muddy river bank. Again I was so glad that I had those rubber shoes.

I was told that this beautiful flower growing in a tall tree is called a Panama Rose.

The children were adorable and liked to hold your hand as you walked the mile long path through the jungle to get to their village.

Here are some teenage girls doing a dance for us.

This cutie pie has his pet monkey sitting on his head. The monkey would hold on tight as the kids ran around.

A musical rendition by a few of the men.

Another pet monkey. Notice the "tattoos" on the girl. Hers are fading here; when they are new they are very black. It is actually body painting with a pigment made from the jaqua fruit, which wears off in a couple of weeks. Each design has its own meaning and is age and gender specific.

I just love this picture of this sweet little girl. My sister was standing next to me as I took the picture and was prompting her to smile.


Paul and Sue said...

I'm fascinated with your trip and the wonderful pictures. What country were these people in? And their fabric wraps were beautiful....where does that come from? I'm looking forward to more of your adventures. Sue

norma said...

This was still Panama. Originally the woman's skirts were made with palm fibers. Today dyed cotton fabrics are purchased in Panama where they are usually imported from South/East Asia. I couldn't help noticing a few of the girls adjusting their skirt while dancing and they seemed to have elastic waists. I was wondering if they put on jeans and t-shirts after we left, but they do dress the way we saw them most of the time since it's cool and comfortable in the hot humid weather they have year round.