Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make Art Every Day, Day 15

I was reading Cindy Green's blog and she made some very nice bookmarks out of "paper cloth".  I thought it looked like a fun idea, so I fooled around with it today. I had heard someone talking awhile back about how to make it, but couldn't find the directions anywhere so I just winged it.  I knew it involved starting with a layer of muslin and adding layers of paper with watered down white glue.  I started with a printed muslin to give it more texture and layered different colored tissue papers and two printed tissue papers.  Then I threw in two strips of cheap lace.  That lime green was a last minute find and in this picture it looks very dominant, so I will do lots of stitching all over it with a green thread to tie it all together and keep things in place.  Tune in tomorrow to see the bookmarks.


Sunflower Design said...

Good for you for trying a new idea and then inventing your way to do it. The green adds a nice contrast.

Karen L R said...

i'm thinking monet!