Saturday, March 28, 2009

Surface Design

I bought some Shiva Paint Sticks a few years ago and some rubbing plates to go with them and they have been languishing in my studio closet. I decided to haul them out and make some fabric to go with the blues and rusts that I blogged about on Thursday. On this first one I used a copper stick over one plate and then went over it with a gold stick and a different plate.

On this one, I used a third plate and rotated it for the second color. I think I like this one better. But they will likely be all cut up anyway. I have started piecing those blues and rusts, but I'm not sure that I'm loving it so far. I'll post something when I'm further along.

There was a lot of talk on Quiltart recently about rust-dyeing fabric, as in using real rusted meta things to dye your fabric. There were some very interesting results. Maybe I should try it and use it in this quilt. Hmmmmm, now where to find some rusty metal.


Natalya said...

oooh.. this is pretty Norma! have fun with rust too...

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

these are just beautiful...they shimmer with elegance!