Monday, March 16, 2009

Crater Lake

My son, who lives in Portland, said that I should include Crater Lake in my series on the Pacific Northwest, since it is such an iconic image. This is from a popular vantage point showing Wizard Island. The water is an intense blue because it is so deep and clear. I didn't have that blue in my stash, so I painted over a lighter blue with Setacolor. I signed this one with a very fine Pigma pen. I personally like the ones with flowers better and that is what I will do next. There will be four pieces to this series.


Candied Fabrics said...

I Love this series...and I really like the signature on the white background - I don't know why, but it just works! Hmm...I did something like this years ago:
Why didn't I do any more? Ah, after a quick look, I see I signed & dated it, but didn't add the title. I think the thinner pen, along with the title of the piece is what makes me like it more than just a name & date would...thanks for making me analyze why this works so well...for me!

norma said...

Thanks, Candy. I just went to your Flicker site and webpage. Some very nice things going on there. I love the way you covered your office chair. I had thought of doing that. Mine is boring gray.

Anonymous said...

We were at Crater Lake a couple of years ago and you really captured it. Great series... Sue