Monday, March 30, 2009

Do it over

I wanted to do something with these blue and rust hand dyed fabric and use the Fibernachi Sequence. This design uses 1, 3, 5, and 8. I didn't like it when I started piecing it, but thought I'd like it better when the whole block was done. I don't. It looks very static and staid to me. My original thought was to have these blocks go from light to dark across the quilt. This block is 13" square. It was good TV work to pick it all apart last night with my trusty seam ripper.

What I DO like are these units of wiggly pieced stripes and I will use them in a different way. The first block is only 3" square, so that gives you an idea of how skinny these strips are.

The last two blocks are 5" square. I love doing these wiggly seamed strips even if they are challenging. I found out that if using a batik, as some of these are, they are easier to piece in if they are cut on the bias. It makes it much easier to work with those very tightly woven fabrics.

I'll post some more when my new plan progresses.

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LoieJ said...

Static, yes, but intriguing.