Friday, May 5, 2017

Sun #4

The last card that I drew for the External Forces project was stitching, hand or machine. I decided to do hand embroidery and I'm still not finished. It is taking me forever as I stitch an hour or two almost every evening in front of the TV. So I decided to also make a machine stitched sun, which only took a few hours.

Everything was done by machine. The rays are free motion quilted just using a straight stitch back and forth with two different variegated threads.

I used Dupioni silk for the face and a free motion narrow satin stitch for the features.

I'm almost done with the hand stitched one and I'll show you that when it's done.

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.


Linda M said...

Looks great, but I'm eagerly awaiting a view of the hand stitched one

Regina B Dunn said...

What a great sun! I love the texture on the face.